One of the Largest Fintech Companies Increased User Engagement by 35% through a Custom Web Application

about the client

A global fintech company that specializes in providing equity compensation management solutions to corporations worldwide. Its platform provides equity management and administration solutions to corporate clients and their employees. The company is regulated under MiFID and FINRA with a lot staff members and many offices in the US, the UK, Europe, Asia, and Middle East.


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The Challenge

Navigating the intricate world of equity management, The client confronted a multi-layered and highly complex challenge. They needed to develop a platform that was not only agile and capable enough to handle a myriad of sophisticated financial tasks, but also reinforced with robust security measures to safeguard against a broad spectrum of cyber threats. Beyond these technical demands, the platform was also required to offer an intuitive, user-friendly interface to cater to a diverse clientele spread across various geographies and cultures.

Complicating this ambitious agenda was an additional requirement for rigorous compliance with a range of stringent financial regulations. These encompassed multiple global jurisdictions, each with their own set of intricate rules governing everything from data privacy to transaction reporting. This necessitated a meticulous and comprehensive approach to compliance that had to be seamlessly integrated into the platform’s functionality, thereby adding another layer of complexity to an already challenging development landscape.

Anmel's Strategic Partnership

Anmel was instrumental in bringing about this transformative change in the equity management landscape. In a strategic partnership with the client, Anmel deployed its deep-rooted expertise in multiple domains—namely cybersecurity, scalable architecture, and user experience design—to create an innovative cloud-based platform for managing equity. This cutting-edge solution features real-time valuation capabilities for various equity instruments, offering customizable reporting options tailored to the specific needs of businesses. Additionally, the platform includes a highly secure, user-friendly portal that allows shareholders to access their equity information conveniently. What sets this platform apart is its robust compliance engine, designed to rigorously adhere to financial regulations across multiple jurisdictions globally. This comprehensive suite of features ensures that companies can manage their equity portfolios effectively while staying compliant with international financial laws.


Since the rollout of their revamped equity management platform, The client has seen a significant uptick in user engagement, soaring by over 25%. Given that the platform is responsible for managing billions of dollars in assets, its fortified and cutting-edge security features have further cemented its standing as a go-to choice in the highly competitive equity management sector. Client testimonials and user reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, frequently lauding the platform’s intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface. Users have also been vocal about their appreciation for the platform’s robust range of functionalities, which not only streamline complex financial tasks but also ensure stringent compliance with global regulations. This surge in user satisfaction and engagement demonstrates the platform’s success in meeting the multifaceted needs of its diverse global clientele.

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