Major Insurance Company Achieved a 40% Boost in Operational Efficiency with Custom Software Solution

about the client

A leading provider of warranty services for household appliances and consumer electronics. With operations spanning multiple countries, they service millions of customers and have a vast network of service professionals.


Boost in Operational Efficiency


Reduced Processing Time


Enhanced Customer Satisfaction


Increase in Cost Savings


Reduction in Turnaround Time

The Challenge

A top provider in appliance care confronted an immediate and formidable obstacle. They operated on a complex IT infrastructure comprised of 50 disparate platforms, each having its own unique codebases, dependencies, and regulatory standards. This splintered environment not only impeded productivity but also escalated both operational expenses and security vulnerabilities.

Anmel's Strategic Partnership

In a collaborative venture with the client, we set out to accomplish an immensely ambitious project: the migration of all 50 individual platforms into one cohesive monorepo. Drawing upon industry-leading methodologies in DevOps, as well as best practices in continuous integration and automated testing, Anmel closely coordinated with the client’s IT professionals. Together, we embarked on a journey to merge the varied codebases that had previously existed in isolation. Our joint efforts also extended to establishing standardized workflows that brought consistency and efficiency to the organization’s development cycle. Additionally, we put into place stringent security controls, thereby strengthening the system’s resilience against potential vulnerabilities and threats.


The results have been transformative. The monorepo approach has led to a 60% reduction in the time required for code deployments and a 40% decrease in operational overhead. Furthermore, security has been substantially fortified across the unified platform. The client is now more agile, secure, and efficient, ready to meet the future’s challenges head-on.

40% operational efficiency - Cloud Computing Solutions
shape - IT Managed Services

The Results

The technology that we use to support the client

Spring Boot

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