GPS tracking software got a 300% increase in client base

about the client

The client is a dynamic startup specializing in GPS technology for the logistics and transportation industry. With an innovative vision to revolutionize fleet management, they focus on offering scalable solutions to improve operational efficiency and real-time tracking for a diverse customer base.


Increase in Client Base


Reduction in Operational Costs


Improvement in Customer Satisfaction


Increase in Fleet Utilization


Reduction in Fuel Consumption

The Challenge

As a startup, the client faced several significant challenges including managing toll transactions efficiently, optimizing routes, and enhancing real-time vehicle tracking. These operational hurdles were limiting their growth potential and ability to compete in a crowded market. They needed a custom, scalable solution that could handle complex data management and integrate seamlessly with existing technologies.

Anmel's Strategic Partnership

Recognizing the unique needs and potential of the startup, Anmel engaged in a strategic partnership to develop a bespoke GPS tracking software solution. Our collaboration focused on understanding the startup’s vision and operational challenges, enabling us to tailor a solution that not only met their immediate needs but also supported future scalability.


The implementation of the custom GPS tracking software marked a transformative shift in the startup’s operations. The new system enhanced their capabilities in toll system integration, route optimization, and real-time fleet tracking, significantly boosting operational efficiency and control.

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The Results

The technology that we use to support the client

APIs integration
Spring Boot

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