Finance & Insurance

35% increase in user engagement - AI Transformation

One of the Largest Fintech Companies Increased User Engagement by 35% through a Custom Web Application

The client confronted a multi-layered and highly complex challenge. They needed to develop a platform that was not only agile and capable enough to handle a myriad of sophisticated financial tasks, but also reinforced with robust security measures to safeguard against a broad spectrum of cyber threats.

✔︎ Consulting services
✔︎ Web Application Development
✔︎ Modern infrastructure

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70% Increase in Eco-Friendly Portfolios - Software Development Solutions

Directing Trillions in Capital Towards Sustainable Investing with a 70% Increase in Eco-Friendly Portfolios

The client grappled with the intricate challenge of navigating a labyrinth of data to steer investment capital in an environmentally responsible direction. The problem was dual-faceted: firstly, the need for precise, real-time analytics to make informed decisions, and secondly, the obligation to align investment strategies with the 1.5°C climate target set by the Paris Agreement.

✔︎ Modern infrastructure
✔︎ Consulting services
✔︎ Custom Software Development

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