AI Transformation

Transform your business operations and decision-making with our AI solutions, designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing systems for instant intelligence and enhanced efficiency.

Unlocking business potential through AI transformation

In today’s data-driven world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) serves as a pivotal game-changer for businesses aiming to revolutionize their operations and decision-making processes. At Anmel, our AI Transformation services are crafted to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, offering immediate intelligence gains and operational efficiencies. Leveraging machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics, our tailored AI solutions provide actionable insights, automate repetitive tasks, and enable smarter decisions. Partner with Anmel for a transformative AI journey that elevates your business capabilities and sets you on a path to long-term success.

Customer satisfaction by an average of 35%

We'll partner with you to conceptualize a valuable solution that fulfills the needs of your target users, enhancing customer satisfaction by an average of 35%.

Increasing user engagement by up to 25%

Our experts will guide you in prioritizing essential features, ensuring a balanced mix between must-haves and delightful extras, thereby increasing user engagement by up to 25%.

Cutting your time-to-market by up to 20%

Within just four weeks, we'll equip you with the fundamentals to kickstart the development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), cutting your time-to-market by up to 20%.

Saving you up to 30% in development costs

Our well-planned development roadmap will minimize errors and inefficiencies, potentially saving you up to 30% in development costs.

1-Year Free Maintenance and Bug Fixes

To give you peace of mind, we offer one full year of free bug fixing and maintenance, ensuring your software runs smoothly long after its launch.

AI Solutions We Create

Advanced data analytics

Business automation

Computer vision

Speech recognition

Conversational AI

AIoT applications

AIOps solutions

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AI Use Cases Anmel Specializes In

At Anmel, we specialize in a diverse range of AI Use Cases designed to address various business challenges and opportunities. From automating customer service through chatbots to enhancing predictive maintenance in manufacturing, our expertise spans across multiple sectors and applications. Utilizing advanced technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, and data analytics, we craft AI solutions that not only solve immediate problems but also offer long-term strategic advantages. Whether you’re looking to optimize your supply chain, improve customer engagement, or gain valuable insights from your data, Anmel’s specialized AI Use Cases offer targeted solutions that drive impactful results.

Personalization in sales and marketing

Customer behavioral analytics, including face and emotion recognition. Customer segmentation. Cross-selling and upselling recommendations. Intelligent prescriptions on optimal segment-specific sales and marketing strategies. Automated calculation of personalized prices, creating individual offers. Dynamic pricing.

Customer service and support

Virtual customer agents (chatbots, digital humans) providing assistance on any issues. Speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversion. AI-powered recommendations for next-best actions for human agents.

Supply chain planning and optimization

Demand forecasting and demand-driven supply chain planning. Multi-echelon inventory optimization. Calculating optimal stock replenishment dates and amounts. Analytics-based supplier selection. Transportation mode and route optimization. Automating and optimizing warehouse and yard operations. Digital twins.

Predictive and prescriptive asset maintenance

Predicting failure probability over time/in a certain number of steps. Flagging anomalous behavior of machinery and equipment. Forecasting remaining useful lifetime. Suggestions on the proper asset maintenance time. AI-guided maintenance operations.

Medical imaging and diagnostics

Medical image analysis: CT, MRI, PET, SPECT, ultrasound images, X-ray scans, and more. Computer-aided diagnostic assessment. 3D body mapping. Automated identification of diseases, side effects, and factors that influence health condition. Prescriptive treatment.

Financial management

Financial performance and risk forecasting. Financial modeling. Prescriptive financial planning (budgeting, cost optimization, debt collection, risk hedging, M&O, etc.). Financial fraud detection. For financial services: Customer risk assessment and credit scoring. Automated compliance checks. AI-supported decision-making, e.g., on bank account opening, loan origination, investing in a particular asset, insurance claim approval.

Document processing

Extraction, validation, and analysis of data from digital documents. Conversion of paper documents to a user-defined digital format. Automated document creation.

Content creation

Automated generation of multi-format content based on user prompts. Quality assurance of existing content. Intelligent content optimization.

Fraud detection and physical security

Automated spotting of fraudulent activities in digital and physical environments. Intelligent enforcement of security measures. Voice-based and biometric authentication in security systems.

Smart robots

Industrial robot software (for manufacturing, warehouse operations, product quality control, etc.). Connected consumer products (electronic devices). Smart homes and cities. Autonomous vehicles. Internet of Medical Things.

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